Boustan: Lebanese Food Since 1986

Boustan on Crescent street has been a hotspot for me since I started studying at Concordia University. Their shawarma style restaurant serves up quick, delicious, and affordable middle-eastern fast food.  Continue reading


Heinz and Sriracha?!

Heinz ketchup and Sriracha hot sauce are going to collaborate to bring a Sriracha flavoured ketchup! Two of the biggest players in the sauce game are going to team up like Lebron teamed up with D. Wade in Miami. It’s going to be heat. Continue reading

Joe’s Panini: Open 24/7

Check out this sandwich that I got from a shop that’s open 24/7. Joe’s Panini located in downtown Montreal serves up a variety of different sandwiches including some vegetarian friendly options. Continue reading

Le Gourmet Burger’s Poutinaise

La Poutine Week is coming to a close so I went to grab one last poutine before it ends. This time I went to Le Gourmet Burger to try their “Poutinaise” and fortunately this time I managed to document the poutine before I ate it. Continue reading