Thank You

Hey everyone, unfortunately I am stopping my activities on KEVEATSMTL. I want to thank the viewers and followers for the support. I was scared when my blog had barely 10 viewers in the first week but since then I’ve amassed over 400 viewers to top off the month. It’s been a very short ride and I did not get to accomplish what I wanted with my blog, but I do have some good news. I will be writing for a couple of other outlets. I started writing and blogging to express thoughts and ideas while showcasing what interests me (food, the city of Montreal, sneakers and menswear, and all the other miscellaneous subjects). This goal of mine will still happen but now they’ll be on different sources. Hopefully, one day I’ll revive KEVEATSMTL and take it to its potential.

From now on, you can enjoy my writing on these outlets (there will be more as I start writing more) [I’ll also update with any new outlets I find to write for]: (my author page) (my author page)

You can also find me on my social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

P.S: I started a sneaker blog called Sneaker Champloo. Be sure to check it out!