The Montreal Sneaker Game [Small Rant]

I just wanted to create a post about the sneaker game in Montreal and the representative sample stereotype that we are falling victim to.

With the new adidas Yeezy that I blogged about last week or so just released in our city, it’s seems people had extra salt in their fries… People zone out and keep their eyes on these hyped up releases while we have so many other shops dropping dope, fresh gear every S/S and F/W season while releasing the latest kicks every week.

I’m disliking how some of these shops are allegedly shunning each other. Same goes for the sneakerheads. I usually keep to myself when it comes to this subject but I felt people are not seeing the right context and are blinded by accusations and conspiracies. They don’t see the big picture because we don’t even get the big picture in this global market. I’m going to end my little rant and say some last few words.

To the shop Off The Hook: keep dropping dope, fresh gear. To Exclucity: keep dropping dope, fresh gear. To Footlocker/Champs… when’s the next friends and family appreciation day?! lol. Shoutouts also to all the other shops in MTL along with the employees, owners, and the Quebec/Canada sneaker brand representatives! Truth be told, all I really, really want is a time machine so I could go and visit Goodfoot at least once in my life. The only memory I had of Goodfoot was their website.

PS: I’ve been testing out my camera and took a little photo with some kicks, I’m going to post some asap (my Mac Book won’t read my SD card for some reason). A little update: the SD card Macbook problem still persists but I’ve managed to get the image via Dropbox. If anyone has a solution to this problem, please let me know!

Air Jordan III True Blues overshadowing some Hufquake AM90 Premium

Air Jordan III True Blues overshadowing some Hufquake AM90 Premium