Montreal Subway Sculpture: Metro Monk

Yesterday I went out on a journey around Montreal’s subway system (STM) and encountered this sculpture. This artwork can be found at metro station Monk. Doing a little research, I found out this piece is called “Pic et Pelle” and was made by Quebecois artist Germain Bergeron in 1978. The name “Pic et Pelle” (french for pick-axe and shovel) represents the two tools held by the figures [which were made from recycled materials]; it represents the thousands of workers that helped build the Montreal metro.

Workers at Metro Monk

Monk Station (Germain Bergeron)

Browsing through the STM history webpage I discovered there is more artwork all over the metro system. I will surely be posting any more Montreal metro artwork I encounter. And once the snow starts melting, I will surely start showcasing Montreal’s outdoor art work.


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